$7,500.00 USD

El Camino Mastermind - Full Payment

Welcome to El Camino Mastermind  a six-month odyssey that intertwines the physical pilgrimage of El Camino de Santiago with an immersive mastermind experience. Designed for seekers of growth, this mastermind group is not just a journey over land, but an expedition into the depths of your being.


Designed to create deep human connection by bridging cultures, languages, values, and individual journeys. We come together to collectively prepare our minds, hearts, souls, and bodies for El Camino!


  • Personal Discovery: Cultural Intelligence and Edgewalker assessments
  • Private Coaching: A 60-minute private coaching session with Kristin to set goals and review assessment results 
  • Social Learning: 2-hour monthly sessions providing inspiration, insights, and connection facilitated by Kristin Ekkens (May to November 2024)
  • Digital Learning - Digital access to course curriculum, worksheets, and exclusive recordings 


  • El Camino de Santiago: 8-day transformative experience in Galicia, Spain; October 17-24, 2024
  • Accountability Pods: Hold yourself accountable to the physical and mental preparation by connecting in a small pod of your fellow pilgrims, guided by a certified coach 
  • Performance boosts
    • El Camino trail preparation program
    • Recommended gear list 
  • Expert Guides: Local guide + storyteller to enhance the cultural learning
  • VIP Treatment on the Trail:
    • VIP lodging (not hostels and shared bathrooms!) + luggage transfers
    • All meals are covered
    • Transportation from Santiago to trailhead 
    • (Not included: Flight/ transportation to Santiago, Spain and personal insurance if you so choose)

Your Pilgrimage Awaits

  • 113 Kilometers of Discovery
    Walk the legendary Camino de Santiago, a 113-kms (70-mile) trek that has challenged and changed souls for centuries.
  • Guided Mastery
    Engage in a 6-month mastermind group that fosters reflection, learning, and personal evolution.
  • Personal Coaching
    Receive one-on-one coaching that tunes into your pace, challenges your limits, and expands your horizons.
  • Expert Partners
    In collaboration with leaders in Camino tours, we ensure a seamless journey of comfort and insight.


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