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Uniting in this community allows us to deepen our connection with one another and the world around us. With open hearts and minds, we can foster collaboration, refine our skillsets, and create innovative solutions that will propel humanity forward in powerful ways.

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Who are Cultural Edgewalkers?  

  • Cultural Edgewalkers¬†are a new breed of leader. We are global citizens, deep collaborators, global visionaries, purpose-driven disruptors, action-seekers, and inclusivity champions.
  • Cultural Edgewalkers¬†see beyond the horizon where most people cannot.¬†
  • Cultural Edgewalkers¬†are focused in the future yet build on the past.
  • Cultural Edgewalkers do things differently;¬†we are creative; and we are bridge builders between worlds.¬†
  • We¬†walk between worlds;¬†we are an edgewalker between cultures.¬†¬†

It's time to stop walking those worlds alone.  


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Immersive Learning

Personal Growth. Learn new frameworks, mindsets, and skillsets for bridging cultural worlds:

  • Monthly 90-minute session¬†led by Kristin Ekkens, Founder of Exponential Inclusion.¬†
  • We meet virtually the¬†second¬†Friday of every month at 8am PT/ 11am ET/ 4pm GMT for 90 minutes. Sessions will be recorded and available to you to watch again!
  • First¬†access to live and¬†recorded¬†interviews & story briefs with global experts, practitioners, and¬†thought leaders.¬†


Peer Learning. Think Tank members have exclusive access to our community platform to continue to engage, connect, and experiment with each other. You gain access to

  • A multidisciplinary group of¬†purpose-driven¬†leaders from around the world.¬†
  • Exclusive access to virtual¬†meet-ups during the month to connect with other cultural edgewalkers¬†

You’ll make meaningful connections and build relationships that far outlast this Think Tank.


Bridging the Gap

Quarterly Challenges. Each quarter we launch a new personal and/or interpersonal development challenge that supports the theme for the quarter. Take your learning and social impact to new heights!

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