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High Performance Solutions

Are you ready to achieve heightened and sustained levels of performance and potential in all areas of your life?

Individual coaching allows for a tailored approach to breaking down your barriers. We'll work one-on-one to understand your goals and challenges, and tackle them together.

This personalized approach will act as a catalyst to enhance the environments that you lead, using scientifically proven strategies to move your life forward.

1:1 Coaching is designed to:

  • Generate Energy. Cultivate and sustain heightened levels of energy – mentally, emotionally and physically.
  • Raise Necessity. Emotional drive that makes great performance a must instead of a preference.
  • Develop Influence. Gain greater influence in your world so people will believe you, buy from you, and invest in you.
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Embracing the Collective Genius

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Are you ready to embrace the benefits of the hive mind?

By participating in a small group cohort, we'll work through a curriculum hyper-focused on solving for the defined problem space.

Over the course of twelve weeks, cohort members learn and practice high performance habits to empower greater effectiveness, resilience and influence. 

Small Group Coaching is designed to:

  • Build Connections. Join a group of like-minded individuals, creating a community that is essential to sustained success.
  • Achieve Clarity. Amplify your strengths and unleash your full power by envisioning the future strategically and consistently in your life.
  • Generate Lasting Impact. Develop the habits and effectiveness that are essential to maintaining your balance and your edge.
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Available Small Group Cohorts

12 coaching sessions delivered over 3 or 6 months

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High Performance Habits

Designed specifically for DEIB leaders & champions who are leading on the edge.

Based on the scientific findings of the High Performance Institute Research Study, this coaching program teaches high performance habits for unlocking potential and maximizing performance for individuals, teams, and businesses. 

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The 10 Human Drives

Designed specifically for changemakers who are leading on the edge

Increase your team’s levels of energy, engagement and fulfilment by better directing their thoughts, feelings and behaviors towards their goals. This course builds on the key concepts of the High Performance Institute Research Study and deep-dives into the Psychology and Mentality of the high performer. The 10 simple drives of human emotion shape everything you think, feel and do and can be channelled to support your thoughts, feelings and behaviours to support your goals.

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Personal Declaration & Motivation

Empower your team members to experience greater personal freedom and self-direction and promote the natural development of self-confidence, initiative, perseverance, and satisfaction.

This course focuses on three basic needs within the workplace; to be free, to express our true selves, and to pursue personal goals. Each of these needs can at times, be unintentionally denied by organizations and can lead to individuals feeling confined to other people’s expectations and detached from their own aspirations. You'll use The 9 Declarations of Motivation to establish balance, align goals, claim personal power, and experience heightened purpose, motivation, and authenticity for you and your team.

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Leadership Development

Aimed at those identified as present or future leaders within your organization, this transformational course is designed to provide a complete toolkit for individuals stepping up into leadership roles.

Participants will reflect on their personal strengths as a leader and how to use them to deliver high performance and experiment with different leadership models. They will be upskilled in their abilities to communicate, influence, manage change, negotiate and stay focused on organizational goals and milestones.

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Are you... 

  • Tired of starting strong but losing momentum as projects take longer than planned?
  • Yielding mediocre results despite your best practices?
  • Feeling burned out and discouraged?
  • Distracted and over-committed making you feel fragmented and ineffective?
  • Compromising your mental or physical health because you feel you need to be constantly working to keep projects under your control?
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I'm Kristin Joy Ekkens

In Silicon Valley I worked with innovation leaders daily. Despite their impressive vision, clarity and drive, I couldn’t help but also notice their exhaustion and lingering ineffectiveness. The leaders I knew often started initiatives with traction and fervor, only to become frustrated and caught in minutia halfway through the project. So, I designed this proven process for equipping leaders in innovation in keeping their edge, avoiding burnout, and how to thrive in every area of their lives.

I’m fully committed to those leading and fostering inclusion & innovation.

Join me!

- Kristin Joy Ekkens