Ep4: Way of Life with Lara Khouri

In this 4th episode of Inclusion at Scale Podcast, our host, Kristin Joy Ekkens, is joined by the remarkable Lara Khour, founder of There Is No Spoon Consultancy.


In this conversation, they explore the concept of cultural edgewalkers and the importance of inclusion. Lara, having grown up as an expat, shares her perspective on navigating different cultures throughout her life. The discussion delves into the significance of language in shaping one's worldview and the unique richness that different languages bring to describing and experiencing the world.


They further highlight the value of individuals with an expansive way of seeing things, like cultural edgewalkers, in contributing to a more inclusive world. They deep dive into the importance of making intentional decisions, and the role of the community in fostering personal and professional growth. They address the misconception that one must have lived in multiple countries to be considered a cultural edgewalker, affirming that anyone with an open and expansive worldview can embody the concept.


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