Ep7: Cultural Intelligence: Navigating Diversity, Driving Innovation

Episode 7 of Inclusion at Scale Podcast, our host, Kristin Joy Ekkens, is joined by the amazing Dr.David Livermore, a social scientist specializing in cultural intelligence, global leadership, and author of award-winning books.

Dr. Livermore shares personal experiences, including navigating cultural nuances while living abroad in Singapore and negotiating contracts in various international settings. He also reflects on academia, noting the hierarchical dynamics within universities and the importance of CQ in bridging cultural gaps within academic institutions.

Kristin and Dr. Dave explore the intersection of cultural intelligence with innovation, discussing research findings that high CQ levels enhance the performance of diverse teams, serving as a "force multiplier" for innovation. They discuss the need for culturally intelligent leadership in driving inclusive practices and fostering collaboration across diverse teams.

Overall, they emphasize on the importance of cultural intelligence as a tool for navigating diverse environments, fostering inclusion, and driving innovation in today's interconnected world.

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Links mentioned: https://www.davidlivermore.com