Ep8: Creating Inclusive Spaces

Episode 8 of Inclusion at Scale Podcast, our host, Kristin Joy Ekkens, is joined by unconventional and motivated entrepreneur, Stanish Gunasekaran. He is currently a board member and operations lead at UpTraded, a startup that enables circular fashion.

Stanish shares his journey from a shy child in a diverse coastal town in India to his current roles as a board member at UpTraded and an advocate for inclusive entrepreneurship. Drawing on his experiences of initially feeling like an outsider, Stanish emphasizes the power of reframing narratives and creating inclusive spaces, both in his personal life and career. 

Through his stories, he highlights the importance of empathy, connection, and envisioning a more inclusive future. Kristin and Stanish engage in conversation that explores the transformative potential of embracing diversity and fostering belonging.

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