Ep9: Growth and Movement

Episode 9 of Inclusion at Scale Podcast, our host, Kristin Joy Ekkens,welcomes guest Fernanda ‘Fey’ Antonioli, a social anthropologist and top account field marketing leader at IBM.

Fey discusses her background in social anthropology, emphasizing the importance of observing social structures and translating patterns into broader meanings. They further weave together a beautiful discussion into the concept of cultural edgewalking, exploring how individuals bridge cultural divides to drive inclusion on a larger scale.

Fey shares her personal journey of navigating multiple identities and cultural worlds, highlighting the balance between authenticity and adaptation. She reflects on her transition from academia to the corporate world, seeking freedom and purpose in her career path. Kristin and Fey also discuss the challenges of finding growth and movement within stability and the importance of intentional leadership in fostering inclusive communities.

Throughout the conversation, Fey draws inspiration from her mentor, Phaedra Bonadiris, and her collaborative work in promoting ethical AI and diversity. Their discussion exemplifies the power of leadership and collaboration in driving meaningful change. Subscribe, listen, and join the conversation as we break barriers on Inclusion at Scale Podcast by Exponential Inclusion.

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