Ep10: The Heart Of An Edgewalker

Episode 10 of Inclusion at Scale Podcast, our host, Kristin Joy Ekkens, welcomes our very special guest Dr. Judi Neal, Executive Director of Global Consciousness Institute and the CEO Founder of Edgewalkers International.

This podcast episode features the founder of the concept of "edgewalkers, where she shares insights into the role of edgewalkers in organizations, describing them as individuals who bridge different worlds or realities with unique skills and qualities. Drawing on personal anecdotes and experiences, she highlights the importance of embracing edgewalkers within organizational cultures to foster innovation and drive meaningful change. Throughout the discussion, they also explore the challenges faced by edgewalkers, the impact they can have on organizational transformation, and strategies for supporting and retaining them within the system. Their conversation offers valuable insights for individuals navigating the complexities of organizational dynamics and for organizations seeking to harness the potential of edgewalkers to drive forward-thinking initiatives and cultural change.

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