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Exponential Inclusion's Leadership Labs and Workshops are immersive learning experiences where we learn, unlearn, and experiment together. These a-la-carte opportunities boost learning alongside EXI's Coaching and Think Tank, or can be leveraged as a head-first deep-dive for those looking to hone and refine established leadership skills.

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Building Bridges Between Worlds

Leading with Cultural Intelligence
This virtual learning lab is a 4-part series of learning experiments. We learn and apply a design thinking process and proven framework to leading across cultures. Rooted in scholarly research and an academically validated assessment used by organizations like Harvard, Goldman Sachs, and Google, this engaging, practical learning lab will give you the chance to discuss some of the intercultural challenges and opportunities we face, while applying and activating strategies within your organization. Facilitated by Kristin Joy Ekkens.
This workshop is a series of 4 sessions including
  • Part 1:  A Culturally Intelligent Mindset
  • Part 2:  The Power of Perspective Taking
  • Part 3:  Empathy in Action
  • Part 4:  Trust in Action 
Who, What, When, How Much? 
Who: Courageous People Leaders
What: Learning package includes 4 Virtual sessions (6 hours total) + 30-minute 1x1 Coaching session + Cultural Intelligence (CQ Pro) online self-assessment
When: 4 90-minute virtual sessions + 1-2 hours offline experimentation per week held at 8am PT / 11am ET / 15:00 GMT
How Much: $497.00 USD (includes package listed above)
Additional details on start date and will be sent to registrants soon!
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Registration is Open!

Disrupting Bias and Mobilizing Change

Identifying Systematic Bias and Implementing Organizational Change

In this 2-part lab, learn to recognize and manage bias in interactions by applying research-based solutions and culturally intelligent strategies. Using the Archetypes of Change Framework, you will become more self-aware, and be equipped with actionable insights into cultural diversity, personal biases and systemic biases. After understanding what our moral senses and values are, we focus on how to mobilize successful change.

This workshop is a series of 2 sessions.

Who, What, When, How Much? 
Who: Changemakers and Edgewalkers; people leading & influencing change in teams and organizations
What: Learning package includes 2 virtual labs (6 hours) + 30 minutes 1x1 coaching + Archetypes of Change online assessment
When: Two 3-hour virtual sessions + up to 2 hours offline experimentation held at 8 am PT / 11 am ET / 15:00 GMT  
How Much: $497.00 USD (includes package listed above)
Additional details on start date and will be sent to registrants soon!
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I'm Kristin Joy Ekkens

I am a Certified Diversity Executive (CDE), a Certified High Performance Coach (CHPC), an accredited and certified master facilitator of Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and unconscious bias, and have a Masters degree in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL). 

I thrive when I'm working with people from all over the world, learning from various perspectives, and partnering with individuals, teams, and organizations to create lasting positive change. My approach to culture transformation is forward-thinking and founded in inclusion, innovation, design-thinking, and human-centered learning.

 I’m fully committed to those leading and fostering inclusion & innovation.

I look forward to working with you!

- Kristin Joy Ekkens

"Kristin is a dynamic and very knowledgeable facilitator. She creates a safe environment which promotes honest conversations and questions. She helps connect everything to everyday situations, both on a personal and professional level. We leave with practical changes that we can all make."

- Sue J.


"I've participated in quite a few diversity trainings and this was one of the best. Kristin's energy, delivery, ability to set ground rules and then engage everyone in a relaxed, meaningful, and safe way was terrific."

- Marcella B. 

"The fact that certifications and strategy building are married together is what puts this experience over the top and sets EXI apart from the competition. I left feeling like I built more depth in my knowledge, skills and capabilities and more confident as well."

- Lynette C.